New Podcast Alert: The Itty Bitty Wedding Committee!

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Being in the wedding industry means we are go-go-go people. We're used to long hours, tired feet and having lots of plates spinning in the air at all times. When we suddenly found ourselves with much more free time than expected (thanks, COVID-19), first there was anxiety, then a lot of mask sewing, then a lot of workout videos, and then finally we needed something else to occupy our time.

Micro-weddings have been keeping us busy here at Chicago Vintage Weddings, but compared to a normal year there is still not nearly enough to do! Enter the Itty Bitty Wedding Committee, a new podcast created by owner Kate and longtime industry colleague and friend Alyson Thompson, a hotel catering manager. It all started when Kate was listening to her favorite true crime comedy podcast, My Favorite Murder (give it a look and listen, we promise it's worth it!) and realized that she wasn't getting that same kind of fun, funny, down-to-earth energy from any wedding podcasts she could find.

That's always a little bit of a challenge in the wedding industry: you want the photos and articles you consume to be "you," but there's this glossiness to everything that doesn't always feel realistic. Sometimes it seems as if we're all putting on a front and trying to live up to the same expectations of what a wedding, a wedding planner or someone in the wedding industry should be. Of course we are professional, and good at our jobs, and totally buttoned-up when it comes to work. But we're also real people who aren't always dressed to the nines or living in an Instagram-worthy reality where champagne flows from fountains and we never have a bad hair day. (Sorry to break it to you.)

That's where the Itty Bitty Wedding Committee comes in. It's Alyson and Kate, friends and industry pros who are getting through 2020 just like everyone else, talking about their professional lives, their personal struggles, and a whole lot of wedding industry realness. Each episode of the podcast covers a new wedding planning topic, from DIY disasters to choosing a venue and more. The first five episodes just dropped today on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Cast and Anchor. Next in the lineup is a multi-parter on COVID-19 weddings that you won't want to miss. Please "like" and subscribe on whichever platform you prefer, and share with your friends!

When the cover art came out on Instagram, Kate was overwhelmed with the response from clients and colleagues. As she told some COVID brides, "if you've ever wanted to hear your wedding planner swear, have I got something for you!" This podcast is all about keeping everyone sane and grounded through this crazy year and through the wedding planning process in general. It's insightful, fun and relaxed. We've had such fun chatting with each other and getting a crash course in podcast production, and we would love for you to join in that fun. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or stories, please share them with us at We're still learning and evolving, and we want to make this the podcast YOU want to hear. Chat with you soon!