Rescue Puppy-stravaganza

Hi, everyone! Kate here. It's been way too long since checking in and now I have such a fun reason to write a post: to introduce you to the cutest gang of rescue puppies! Being a wedding planner and small business owner, there is no shortage of daily reminders about why I love my job. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love each day and, even when there are challenges or long hours, I'm grateful for the opportunity to carve a path in this industry. Having a small business like this one offers the chance to give back in creative ways that are meaningful to me.

One thing I've focused on since day one is animal rescue. If you've looked at the bio on website, you've probably seen my own rescue dog, Ruthie, modeling ever-so-elegantly. So, I was thrilled when an email from Jake + Jennifer of Two Birds Photography popped up in my inbox a few weeks ago. The title, "Mini Styled Shoot with Rescue Puppies?," told me everything I needed to know. The team and I had just had a meeting during which we talked about how we were looking forward to relaxing during the slow season and would not be taking on any more photo shoots in our space for a little while, but I didn't hesitate in sending an emphatic "YES!" reply as soon as I saw the note. If there's a chance to bring a litter of eight rescue puppies and their mom into the office, there's no way I'm passing it up. Needless to say, nobody on the team was disappointed by the decision!

puppy that looks like panda
Puppy or panda? Nobody knows

Second City Canine Rescue took in a stray dog, Mae, after she gave birth to a XL litter of puppies. I say XL in more ways than one because not only were there eight of them, but they were HUGE. These St. Bernard mixes were six weeks old by the time they made it into the studio and they were already giants! Adorable, roly-poly, fluffy giants. Blogger Christine of Rescue in Style (click the link to see even more photos and learn more about SCCR) partnered up with Knox Dogwear to get them adorable bows (how perfect for fall is that plaid?) and to help wrangle them on-set. Happy Dog Barkery provided the cutest dog treats. We threw in some vintage rentals and provided the photo shoot venue but let's be honest: we were just there to play with the puppies.

These little guys have their adoption applications opening up on November 12, so be sure to apply if you are interested! We also can't sing mom Mae's praises highly enough. She is a sweet, gentle giant who is sure to bring a lot of love to her new home. Second City Canine Rescue does so much good for homeless pets in the Chicago area and we are sure they can help you find your new best friend!

Speaking of, I have to admit that I wasn't able to resist the litter's charms. I am hoping to bring one of the babies home soon. With any luck, you will be seeing a lot more of him!

Meeting my new little guy

Thanks to everyone who participated in this super-fun photo shoot, and thanks in particular to Second City Canine Rescue for making a love connection!