The Almost Home Challenge

If you've been following us even a little while, you've probably noticed that we love rescue dogs. Like, really, really love them. One of our favorite Chicago rescues, Second City Canine, is especially close to our hearts because it's where owner Kate's newest addition, Hoagie, was found.

rescue st bernard puppy
Hoagie being perfect. You need one of these in your life.

So, it broke our hearts a little to see that the rescue is ready to take in more dogs from high-kill shelters but simply can't do so because there aren't enough foster homes available. We want to fix that. In the flyer you see below, the two sweetie pies on the left were ready to be pulled from their Kentucky shelter this Thursday but nobody stepped up as a temporary home, so they won't be pulled unless someone commits to foster, and commits soon. There are so many dogs like this who need our help!

Starting today and lasting through August, any Chicago Vintage Weddings client who becomes a foster for SCCR will receive a $200 credit with us. You can use this for any service we provide: planning, rentals, or an event in our space. Even if you have already booked with us, you can put this credit toward your final balance. If you want an even bigger credit, refer friends and family to foster; we will honor any new fosters you generate and will put each new home you find toward a higher credit. You will also receive another $300 if you adopt a dog!

This promotion isn't about selling our services or getting new clients, it's simply a way to try to use our platform to get good dogs out of shelters. Every new home that steps up is a life saved. Click the link here to get started on your foster journey. It's easy, free and so much fun. Let's work together to make a homeless pet's dream come true!